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Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate
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During high-intensity intermittent exercise performed in team sports, the high number of intense actions challenges the acid-base homeostasis in the muscle and may, consequently, impair exercise tolerance. Interventions that promote the buffer capacity in the blood and/or muscles may therefore be beneficial in intense intermittent sports.

The use of sodium bicarbonate supplementation in order to study fatigue resistance during intense exercise protocols has been widely applied and used by athletes for the last 80 years 

Sodium bicarbonate can temporarily increase blood bicarbonate concentrations, enhancing extracellular buffering of hydrogen ions which accumulate and efflux from the working muscle.

Bicarbonate loading provides an ergogenic strategy for sporting events involving high rates of anaerobic glycolysis which are otherwise limited by the body's capacity to manage the progressive increase in intracellular acidity. Studies show that bicarbonate loading strategies have a moderate positive effect on the performance of sports involving 1-7 min of sustained strenuous exercise, and may also be useful for prolonged sports involving intermittent or sustained periods of high-intensity work rates.

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