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Sodium Citrate

Sodium Citrate
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(500g tub)


Can be used leading up to an event to increase the bodies buffering capabilities.

Please note, this product is not flavoured, simply add to isotonic drink.

What it does

  • Delays fatigue 
  • Improve anaerobic performance 
  • Improve exercise capacity 

Oopik V et al (2004). Effects of acute ingestion of sodium citrate on metabolism and 5-km running performance: a field study.

Russel et al (2014). Acute versus chronic supplementation of sodium citrate on 200 m performance in adolescent swimmers

Potteiger et al., (1996). Sodium citrate ingestion enhances 30 km cycling performance.

Directions For Use

Take for 3 days prior to match day (not required on match day) 

Take 2 level scoops (10g) with 500ml Pro Zero

- Take twice daily with food (ideally breakfast and lunch). 

- Slowly drink it over a period lasting approx. 30-45minutes

- Please note, this product is not flavoured, simply add to isotonic drink. 

Suitable for-

– Field sports (repeated bouts of high intensity)
– Sprinting
– Swimming
– Court sports such as tennis & squash
– Combat sports (caution with weight category competition)

By using sodium citrate as a buffering agent, you minimise your chances of gastrointestinal side effect when compare to sodium bicarbonate

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