Sam Warburton | OBE Former Wales and British and Irish Lions Captain

From a young age when I was in the Blues Academy and started to work with Jon I quickly realised how important nutrition was in my goal to become a bigger, stronger rugby player. During those years i had to be very diligent with my eating to gain weight, my body just seemed to burn up calories. I ate every 3 hours, had shakes after every training session and game, drank milk between meals and did this seven days a week.

For me food and supplements went hand in hand, i just did everything i could to get those gains. Back in the academy days it was simple, eat as much good food as i could, focusing on proteins, carbs and good fats in every meal, a post workout shake with protein, carbs and creatine following weights and a protein/carb shake following rugby and sometimes one before bed.

I have only used PAS products during my pro career and I have been lucky that whether I was with the Blues, Wales or Lions then PAS was available to fuel my performance and allow me to be the best i could be. Some of you may not need all of these supplements below, these are just my favourite products over the last few years. Make sure you get your meals and snacks sorted and start with recovery shakes, train hard and go achieve your dreams.

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Sam Warbutons Favourite Supplements

1. Immune Support Factor

"During winter months Jon would always stress to us how important it was to take Defence from October to April. The Defence contains 4000 IU Vitamin D, as during the winter months we don’t get enough sun to maintain Vitamin D levels. There is a link with low vitamin D and low testosterone and immune status and also bone density. Defence also gives probiotics to keep the gut healthy and I would also take these for a week prior to travel to keep me healthy. Sometimes however you do get ill with a cold and Immune Support was designed to boost your own immune response to fight off the virus. We also used this with the Lions during travel to help prevent us getting ill on long haul flights. I still keep a tub at home in case its needed. "

2. AGF-1

"AGF-1 designed to increase lean muscle and aid recovery by optimizing testosterone and cortisol levels. For me this was a key product every pre season when looking to add size and strength but also during international competition to hold muscle and aid recovery. I know so many players who use this and it works like nothing else to boost testosterone."

3. RGF-1 - Strawberry

"This is an all in one product that I use after weights, its got 40g Protein, 40g carbs, 5g Creatine and 5g Glutamine. This is a a great mix to help refuel, provide protein for muscle repair and gives me my daily dose of creatine (for explosive power and strength). I also use on rest days as a shake in between meals."

4. Game Ready

"This stuff is insane, when we first tried with Wales in training I remember after 20 minutes the noise level in the dressing room went up 3 notches and everyone started pacing around and couldn’t wait to get out and smash into each other. The energy and focus it gives you is superb. When I became Wales captain I stopped taking it for a while because I wanted to be calmer for the role, but in the dressing room before one of the games I was feeling a bit tired and Jon said get the Game Ready down you, I took it and had man of the match and stayed on it for every game. Now I am retired I have been using Game Ready to fuel my training sessions, I wouldn’t do this when playing as wanted to keep the full effect for games but its awesome for training, just need to make sure you train early as I did it once at 5pm and couldn’t sleep for hours as its so strong."

5. AGF-2 - Fruit Punch

"AGF-2, Jon designed this for the welsh team to use during the gruelling training camps in Switzerland and Qatar prior to the last world cup. It supplies all the key amino acids to support muscle repair and electrolytes for hydration. Its very light and easy to drink. We used it during training sessions but also I like to use it when I wake up as opposed to drinking plain water."

6. Cherry Bomb (Box of 24)

"I always looked forward to a post game smoothie whether it was with Cardiff Blues or Wales, a combination of whey protein, tart cherry juice, and frozen berries blended up went down a storm and helped me recover. I would smash another one in before bed and really believe it helped my recovery."