Imani Lansiquot – The 4th fastest British Sprinter in History


Chanel Williams - September 26, 2019

Tell us about you...

My name is Imani-Lara Lansiquot and I’m 21. I’m a professional 60m, 100m and 200m sprinter competing for Great Britain. I’m the 4th fastest British sprinter in history, 2nd fastest U23 in Europe and I’m a European finalist in the 100m and 4x100m Gold Medallist. I also study Psychology at Kings College London, planning to graduate in 2020.

Image: Imani representing Team GB in the 4x100m relay, in which she has won gold at the 2015 European Junior Championships, 2018 Athletics World Cup, and 2018 European Championships.

Has anything changed for you since becoming a professional sprinter for team GB?

I wouldn’t say anything has changed about my goals, as I’ve always wanted to achieve and do my best in the sport even before I was selected to race for my country. However, it has really motivated me to be more professional, organised, and leave no stone unturned. Having such people believe in me makes me want to believe in myself even more.

Image: Imani representing Team GB at the Athletics World Cup

What does a typical training day look like for you?

I usually do a track session for around 2.5 hours, a gym session and circuits for an hour, and then recover and get treatment for another hour. This is everyday bar Sundays, and Wednesdays where I will do a pool session as recovery instead.

Imani in training. Videos: @imanilara on instagram

What events are you currently training for?

I have the World Championships coming up later this month, and then after a short break, I’ll be back at university and preparing for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

How are you preparing?

I’m already thinking ahead to the Olympics, and looking forward to getting my medical, S&C, psychological and nutritional game better for next year. That means making better decisions, maturing as an athlete and hopefully getting my times down.

In your opinion, how important is nutrition for athletics?

It is hugely important, not only from a performance point of view, but also for discipline. It is important to be in control of your diet, not just for weight purposes, but also to really maximise the effects of training.

Has anything changed with your nutrition now that you’re a PAS ambassador?

Before I became a PAS ambassador, I didn’t really understand the importance of nutrition towards performance, but after religiously taking my supplements I’ve noticed huge differences in my body, and my ability to bounce back after hard sessions and get the work in. I’ve also loved working with Chanel Williams for my nutritional advice – she has really helped me grasp a better understanding of why and when my supplements are most effective.

I now take Defence and Omegas daily – which keep me healthy and support the amount of training I do, I always have a protein bar or shake on-hand to help me recover after training, and I will also take NTR sleep formula after tough sessions, or to help me sleep when I travel for training and competitions.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about nutrition and supplements, who should other sprinters look to for advice on this?

I think with something as important as nutrition, sprinters should listen to the professionals or speak to other athletes who have competed at the top level and know right from wrong. There is so much information on the internet, especially from people who are not necessarily qualified, so it is important to be smart and listen to the right ones!

The products Imani uses to fuel her training & recovery:

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